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Cement kiln Cement kiln wall thickness measurement

Cement kilns commonly suffer from refractory wear, corrosion, mechanical stress, overheating, dust abrasion, and coating buildup, affecting their operational efficiency and structural integrity. Regular maintenance and inspections are vital to address these issues and ensure safe and efficient cement production.


Voliro T
EMAT (Electromagnetic Acoustic Transducer)
Inspection view

Benefits of using Voliro T for cement kiln inspection:

  • No surface preparation with EMAT
  • No cherry picker required

Case study outcome:

  • Location: Switzerland
  • Client: Holcim
  • 4x reduction of inspection time
  • 3x more measurement points
  • Avoid the requirements of a cherry picker

Voliro’s drones enable us to reach points very difficult for us to reach and take measurements there. No scaffolding, no climbers and it’s fast and efficient”

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