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Storage tank Inside wall thickness measurement

Storage tanks commonly suffer from corrosion, erosion, and material degradation, which can compromise their integrity and safety. Regular inspections are crucial to detect and address these issues promptly.


Voliro T
UT (Ultrasonic Transducer)
Inspection view


  • 200 readings per hour
  • 5-10 tank inspections per day
  • No caffolding required
  • Readings on the walls, roof and floor
  • Readings at hard-to-reach locations

Case study III outcome

  • Case: storage tank inside inspection
  • Location: Rotterdam, NL
  • Client: undisclosed
  • 5 tanks completed in 1.5 days
  • 700 readings

The Voliro inspection complements the conventional methods we have by us being able to go gather UT information from assets that are still live and in service without shutting them down. ”

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