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Transmission tower Coating thickness measurement

Transmission towers can suffer from various damages due to environmental exposure. Our solution is specifically designed for testing the thickness of protective coatings on transmission towers.This targeted approach safeguards the longevity and functionality of the transmission tower's protective coating, enhancing its resistance to environmental factors, and minimizing the need for structural maintenance.


Voliro T
(DFT) Dry Film Thickness Gauge
Inspection view


  • Inspection on operational tower
  • No coordination of shutdown
  • Immediately after painting

Case study I outcome

  • Location: Switzerland
  • Client: Bouygues
  • 10+ towers inspected per day
  • Single person operation

Within our client base, everybody is looking for a way to minimize downtime and maximize safety on site. It’s very difficult to come up with any reason why we shouldn’t be trying the Voliro technology out in the market.”

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