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Wind turbine Lightning protection system inspection

Wind turbine Lightning Protection Systems (LPS) can suffer damage from lightning strikes. Regular maintenance and inspections are vital to ensure the continued effectiveness of LPS in protecting wind turbines from lightning-related damage.


Voliro T
Needle probe
Inspection view


  • 20-30 minutes standard inspection time
  • 1 person operation
  • 1 stop inspection in any rotor orientation
  • 250 meters inspection height
  • No access to the hub or nacelle required

Case study I outcome

  • Location: Germany
  • Client: Skyspecs
  • 101 wind turbines inspected
  • 10-12 wind turbines inspected per day
  • 4 amount of defects identified

Case study II outcome

  • Location: Oklahoma, US
  • Client: Skyspecs
  • 109 wind turbines inspected
  • 8-18 wind turbines inspected per day
  • 3 amount of defects identified

Our experience with Voliro has been great. They supported us whenever we needed. They’re always working on advancing their technology, allowing us to provide exceptional services to our customers. ”

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