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High Tech, Rooted in Years of Research and Innovation

  • 2022

    General Availability of Voliro T

    Voliro T is launched, after years of optimizing and robustifying the technology and the successful validation in the field together with selected early adopters.

  • 2019

    Incorporation and Support from Wyss Zurich

    Voliro AG was incorporated and got supported by Wyss Zurich, a unique accelerator, embedded within the ETH Zurich and the University of Zurich. Wyss Zurich is dedicated to the emerging fields of regenerative medicine and robotics, and backing startups such as Wingtra and Anybotics.

  • 2016

    the Beginning

    Voliro’s story started at the Autonomous Systems Lab (ASL) at ETH Zurich as a project to develop an omnidirectional flying inspection robot. Our co-founders, Mina Kamel and Timo Müller invented the Voliro technology. Anurag Vempati, Marius Fehr, and Thomas Schneider completed the founding team by bringing in the skills to make robots fully autonomous and years of experience from Disney Research, and Google. Mentored by Prof. Roland Siegwart, the team made rapid technological advances.

The Voliro Spirit

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Shape the future of flying robots with us!
We admire creative and passionate talents for our world-class team where great ideas succeed, innovation thrives, and growth is embraced.

Open Positions

Whilst we encourage you to explore job opportunities at our firm, we also urge you to be cautious and wary of recruitment scams in which fraudsters pretend to represent Voliro. All open positions are linked above. Voliro exclusively communicates from email addresses that end with "".

The Crew That Makes it Happen

Florian Gutzwiller
Timo Müller
COO and Co-Founder
Dr. Marius Fehr
CTO and Co-Founder
Dr. Anurag Vempati
Sr. Robotics Engineer and Co-Founder
Dr. Thomas Schneider
Architecture Lead and Co-Founder
Simon Furer
VP Finance
Laurent Zimmerli
VP Customer Experience
Chris Udell
Head of Business Development
Felix Stadler
Head of Customer Success
Morten Pedersen
Customer Success Engineer
Akvilė Želnytė
Growth Marketing Manager
Stefan Moser
Principal Cloud Engineer
Florian Tschopp
Senior Robotics Engineer
Florian Braun
Hardware Lead
Fabian Zehnder
Head of Production
Sebastian Glatz
Embedded Software Engineer
Alexander Bögel
Senior Electrical Engineer
Elsa Larsson
Mechanical Engineer
Gian Jörimann
Mechanical Engineer
Dario Mammolo
Robotics Engineer
Livio Giacomini
Robotics Engineer
Asil Örgen
Robotics Engineer
Samuel Frei
UAV Technician
Ferran Torrents
UAV Pilot
Yanik Siegwart
Sales Engineer
Håvard Brenne
Robotics Intern
Tharaf Latheef
UAV Technician
Thomas Ammann
UAV Technician
Dennis den Elzen
UAV Pilot
Markus Indermaur
UAV Pilot
Advisors and External Board Members

Guided by Experience

Dr. Matthias Bichsel
Board Member
Prof. Dr. Roland Siegwart
Board Member

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