Mina Kamel Steps Down as CEO of Voliro AG, Board Appoints Executive Chairman Florian Gutzwiller As Successor

Zurich, November 21st, 2022

Voliro AG today announced that Mina Kamel has decided to step down as Chief Executive Officer and that the Board of Directors has appointed Florian Gutzwiller as CEO, effective immediately.

Mina Kamel, Ph.D., is the co-founder of Voliro AG and one of the masterminds behind the Voliro T robotic flight platform. His visionary leadership and engineering mastery enabled Voliro to go from ETH (ASL) spin-off to the world's most advanced robotic flight platform in less than three years, showing revenues of USD >1M in 2022. Florian Gutzwiller, who joined Voliro in 2021 as an investor and Entrepreneur in Residence and, of late, Executive Chairman, will continue to push forward with Voliro's proof of market in the industrial inspection sector.

"Razor-sharp focus and dedication to a future-proof business model is the only way to push through a startup in the current adverse economic environment, especially in the supreme discipline of B2B hardware," Gutzwiller says about his commitment as CEO. Gutzwiller has an outstanding track record as CEO and Exec. Chairman, having pioneered managed services in Cybersecurity at Open Systems AG, which he founded in 1991 and successfully sold to private equity investors in 2017.

The management team and the founder's commitment to the company remain unchanged.

"We are sad to see Mina leave, but we are convinced that the new leadership will allow us to break through to commercial success and continued growth," says Matthias Bichsel, member of the board of directors.

Voliro "Gravity Defying Robotics" develops and markets a multipurpose robotic flight platform that redefines work at height. Voliro T first generation applications include corrosion, material thickness, dry film measurement and testing of wind turbine lightning protection systems. The Voliro T platform removes risk to people working at heights while maximizing speed and overall inspection efficiency. Voliro T is available worldwide from Voliro and leading inspection providers through a comprehensive subscription programme.