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Shiploader inspection Shiploader wall thickness measurement

Shiploaders commonly suffer from corrosion, mechanical wear, structural fatigue, electrical issues, dust buildup, and foundation settlement, which can affect their functionality and safety. Regular maintenance and inspections are crucial to address these issues and ensure efficient bulk material loading onto ships in ports and terminals.


Voliro T
UT (Ultrasonic Transducer)
Inspection view

Benefits of using Voliro T for Shiploader inspection:

  • No platform on water required
  • No scaffolding required

Case study outcome:

  • Location: Indonesia
  • Client: Suprabakti
  • Inspected locations that have never been inspected
  • 50 points taken in region of interest
  • Avoid the requirements of building a platform on water

This collaboration reaffirms our unyielding commitment to drive innovation and equip our customers with the most advanced technology in the inspection industry.”

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