Airborne Robotics

Revolutionizing work at height

Revolutionizing work at height

Voliro is developing a highly advanced flying robot for safe and efficient work at height. We protect and maintain critical infrastructure by delivering high quality, cost-effective and time-efficient robotic inspection and maintenance solutions. Our powerful aerial robotics platform is supported by a strong ecosystem of applications delivered via our own and third-party capabilities.

Voliro works with inspection service-providers and asset owners by offering its flying robot, the Voliro T, under a subscription-based model. The exact service is always adjusted to the customer’s needs. The customer can focus solely on using the Voliro T, while Voliro is responsible for upgrading and maintaining the robot.

Voliro T

We are proud to present the Voliro T, Voliro’s flying robot. The Voliro T can be equipped with a variety of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) sensors, depending on the use-case. The payload sensor possibilities are limitless. The Voliro T is capable of Ultrasonic Testing (UT) for thickness measurement, Dry-Film Thickness (DFT) measurement, and much more. Thanks to the integration of various assistive technologies and safety-systems, the Voliro T is safe and easy to fly in close proximity to structures. The unique 360o drone design of the platform allows inspection of curved and sloped surfaces. No other flying inspection robot boasts these capabilities. (Patents pending.)


Holcim Testimonial
"A fascinating and break-through technology to improve safety and efficiency in the inspection industry."
Michael Suter
Program Manager Plant of Tomorrow / Manufacturing 4.0
Matrix AI Testimonial
"Voliro has the most stable flying robot for NDT inspection which I have seen in the industry."
David Emery
Company Owner




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