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Payloads for Non-Destructive Testing and Beyond

Wind Turbine LPS Tester

The Voliro LPS (Lightning Protection System) tester allows ultra-efficient conductivity testing of the full wind turbine Lightning Protection System. The 4-point contact measurement capability of the Voliro T platform creates superior confidence in your results compared to non-contact methods. Receptors up to a height of 250m above ground can be inspected without the need to turn the wind turbine.

Needle probe

The needle probe establishes an electrical connection with the lightning receptors even if they are oxidated. The angular compliant probe is applied with a constant force of 30N.

Voliro LPS testing payload
by Voliro

Cable management system

Precise tension control of the cable that connects to the drone allows for easy operation. The 300m long cable has two phases and is used for 4-point measurements.

by Voliro

Ohm meter

The portable micro-ohmmeter is used for resistance measurements. The strengths of the instruments is the easy handling, battery-powered, rugged design, and low weight.

by Mostec

NDT Payloads

The Voliro NDT Bundle offers a comprehensive solution for both wall thickness and coating thickness measurements. It allows for precise measurements and detecting corroded or eroded surfaces from a single side. The bundle includes EMAT (Electro Magnetic Acoustic Transducer), UT (Ultrasonic Transducer), and DFT (Dry Film Thickness ) sensors.

EMAT (Electromagnetic acoustic transducer)

Ideal for corroded and dirty surfaces with a maximal lift-off of 4mm. Compliant with ASTM E1816 - 18. Range 2-150mm, resolution 0.06mm.

by Voliro
in collaboration with leading sensor manufacturers

UT (Ultrasonic Transducer)

Compliant with EN 12668-1 and ISO 16831:2012
Echo-to-Echo and Pulsed Echo test mode with live A-Scan.
Thickness Range 4-150mm, resolution 0.02us (0.06mm at 5900m/s)

by Voliro
in collaboration with leading sensor manufacturers

High Temp UT (Ultrasonic Transducer)

Compliant with EN 12668-1 and ISO 16831:2012
Echo-to-Echo and Pulsed Echo test mode with live A-Scan.
Operating temperature 0 – 260 °C / 32 – 500 °F

Voliro High Temp UT payload
by Voliro
in collaboration with leading sensor manufacturers

DFT (Dry Film Thickness)

DFT or coating thickness is the most important measurement for the inspection of protective coatings. Magnetic induction and eddy current measurement mode with a range of 0 to 1500um resp. 700um.

by Voliro
in collaboration with leading sensor manufactureres

Third-Party Payloads

Payloads developed by trusted partners for use with Voliro T. All payloads are verified and tested by Voliro. These payloads leverage the universal payload interface and are fully integrated with software and hardware, all the way from the App Interface to reporting. The inspection data is live streamed to the inspector's tablet and stored on the Voliro T.

PEC (Pulsed Eddy Current)

Measure wall thickness through layers of up to 40 mm thickness. The sensor measures spot percentage variations in steel through insulation material and others.


Impact-Echo Scanning, Visualization and Machine Learning for the Non-Destructive Testing and Evaluation (NDT/NDE) of Concrete Structures.

Developer Program

It has never been easier to develop flying robotic applications. The universal payload interface and the open architecture of our platform provide everything you need to implement groundbreaking ideas. Join the Voliro Development Program to develop and distribute your flying robotics application.

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NDT Solutions at Height

Elevated insights about your critical infrastructure

The Voliro Advantage
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personal exposed to the risk at height
up to faster compared to conventional methods
asset up-time is possible

Wind Turbine LPS Inspection

The Voliro T can inspect an entire turbine's LPS system in a single stop and in less than 40 minutes. No need to wait for wind to turn the turbine blades. Our robot takes high quality measurements quickly and efficiently without the need for rope access.

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NDT in Heavy Industries

The Voliro T with the NDT bundle empowers you to inspect storage tanks and pressure vessels from the inside or, without downtime, from the outside. Measurements can be taken on the tank wall, ceiling, and floor. Voliro T can be used for the inspection of stacks, chimneys, pipes, and many other structures that are typically found in industries such as oil&gas, petrochemical, mining, pulp&paper, power ...

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Power Grid NDT

Power line pylons can be inspected while the lines remain online - no more power outages. A typical inspection includes the measurement of the protective coating and estimating the spread of corrosion.

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