Extend your asset lifetime
with drone-enabled
non-destructive testing.

Trusted by industry leaders

Discover Voliro T -
the leading aerial
robotic platform

Apply up to 30 N of stable force and several Nm of torque to structures thanks to the unique drone design with tiltable rotors

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Move without limits and experience true omnidirectional freedom through the ability to tilt and interact in any direction

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Operate at ease with automated flight modes and AI-assisted autonomy, even in GPS-denied environments

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Use the right tool for the right job thanks to various available sensor payloads and an open platform design, ensuring versatility beyond compare

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Improving every
step of Non-
Destructive Testing

Asset owners

  • Optimize Shutdown Efficiency

    Maximize the utilization of shutdown time by conducting comprehensive inspections within the planned time frame.

  • Early Problem Detection

    Identify and address potential issues proactively by inspecting all assets, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

  • Minimize Downtime

    Prevent unnecessary downtime and production delays by inspecting assets while in service.

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Inspection service providers

  • Enhanced Inspection Productivity

    Conduct more thorough inspections in less time, increasing your efficiency and productivity.

  • Cost-Efficiency Boost

    Significantly improve cost-effectiveness for your clients by streamlining inspection processes.

  • Cutting-Edge Technology

    Offer your clients the latest technology showcasing your commitment to innovation.

  • Diversify Your Services

    Complement your traditional methods with cutting-edge drone technology, expanding your service portfolio and providing versatile solutions.

Our solution

Elevate your Non-
Destructive Testing by
making inspections faster,
safer and more cost-

Trust the most
advanced aerial robot


years of research


countries in operation


inspections every month

Perform the same
work faster and more

Process with Voliro:

  • Receive an inquiry
  • Evaluate the scope of work
  • Perform on-site inspection
  • Deliver the inspection report

Process with conventional
testing methods:

  • Receive an inquiry
  • Evaluate the scope of work
  • Define and mobilize the appropriate teams
  • Arrange equipment logistics
  • Coordinate on an available lead-time for all parties
  • Align on a suitable schedule for all involved parties
  • Set up equipment for the pre-inspection phase
  • Perform on-site inspection
  • Manually process inspection data
  • Deliver the inspection report
Conventional process
Process with Voliro

Voliro drones enable us to reach very difficult points and take measurements, no scaffolding, no climbers, it's fast and efficient.”

Voliro is so far ahead it’s competitors that there really wasn't a choice.”

We are able to save our customers money by performing a lot more inspection work in less time while the asset is in service.”

Elevate your inspection
performance today with
Voliro’s flying robots

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